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Where to Find a Discount Home Security System

You may have wondered if a discount home security system is really worth the money. Some people have rationalized that they live in a nice neighborhood and burglary is an event that happens elsewhereónever in their own home. However, statistic suggest otherwise. The FBI and The National Home Security Council have found evidence that there is an act of burglary committed every 12 seconds. That means that 86,000 burglaries occur every year.

Itís true that if you get a cheap alarm system, or perhaps a guard dog, that you will deter some burglars. It is also true that a good discount home security system will not guarantee that there is never a break in attempt. However, when you order a high-tech discount home security system you are thoroughly protected and the odds are entirely in your favor.

A discount home security system not only provides assistance in informing the police of a break in, it also adds many other features to your complete security program. You get the option of video surveillance, of a talking keypad, of climate control and gas leak monitoring. There are also smart sensors in a good discount home security system that can detect the difference between a burglar intentionally trespassing, from something simple such as a dog roughhousing around furniture. In fact, one of the most common reasons why homeowners stop using their discount home security system is because of the fear of a false alarm.

A high-tech discount home security system, such as Freedom64 offered by Napco, can provide protection against burglary as well as protection against false alarms. This discount home security system is loaded with high tech features including smart motion sensors, video technology and climate control. For more information on a discount home security system visit

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