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The Disadvantages of a Free Home Security System

Is there such a thing as a free home security system? There is no high-quality security system available at such a 0 price, however there are other alternatives to buying a full system. Are these free home security system techniques effective at preventing crime? Consider a few common examples of the free home security system and their considerable flaws.

Some homeowners think that lights will scare away a burglar. They program their house lights to come on a certain time and then turn off, indicating they are at home. This common free home security system may be uncomplicated and inexpensive, but it is not very effective. Burglars often target homes with automatic lights. Itís simply a matter of memorizing when the lights come on, and planning the theft accordingly.

Two other forms of the free home security system consist of the basic burglar alarm and the guard dog. The traditional burglar alarm may be a free home security system, if you assemble the parts and electronics by yourself. The problem is that no one is informed beyond the flashing lights and loud noises. A guard dog can similarly be taken out of commission in order to complete the robbery. You get what you pay for and the standard free home security system, while effective at stopping some half-hearted burglars from even thinking about it, will not deter the professional bad guys.

The Freedom64 series is not a free home security system, but this wireless security system built by Napco is inexpensive and can offer you the peace of mind that a free home security system cannot do. This home security system offers surveillance technology, constant monitoring and motion detection for complete resident protection. For more information on a free home security system contact

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