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DIY Protection Vs. a Home Security Alarm System

You may have wondered if a home security alarm system is really worth it. Is it worth buying a home security alarm system when you can set up your own security measures to thwart off the threat of burglary? Consider how a home security alarm system fares with the alternatives.

Let’s start with automatic lighting. A burglar will never rob a home that appears to be occupied right? Wrong, burglars are fairly smart if still not ethical. Burglars know when a house looks occupied as opposed to when it is—in fact the smartest burglars target houses with automatic timers. If your house lights go on at exact moments of the day this could be a dead giveaway that you are not really home. With a good home security alarm system, you don’t need to pretend to be home—if someone trespasses they will pay.

How about a guard dog vs. a home security alarm system? A guard dog may scare away a few burglars but the smartest ones will not be deterred. All it takes to silence a dog is to scare it into submission, bribe it by offering delicious doggy treats, or even feed it poison. A kind crook will drug the dog to sleep—a ruthless one may even kill your beloved canine. Not too many burglars are known for their generosity! A beneficial home security alarm system does not bark and cannot be negotiated with—it informs the police of a break in.

Rather than risk your valuables using a simple DIY security system, why not invest in a home security alarm system? is offering a Freedom64 home security alarm system from Napco, which is a top of line security device that can offer full protection. For more information on this home security alarm system visit

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