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Alternatives to a Wireless Home Security System

You may have wondered if you really need a wireless home security system, especially when there are other alternatives, cheaper and easy enough to set up on your own. What are the major differences between a wireless home security system and protecting your home the old fashioned way? First consider some of the most common forms of protection.

Some people may choose to buy a simpler alarm system as opposed to a wireless home security system. These types of systems are cheap and actually quite easy to build on your own. They mainly involve alarm sirens and flashing lights that alert the neighborhood that trouble is lurking nearby. This does have an advantage in that it scares away burglars from the scene of the crime. However, unlike a wireless home security system these alarms do not inform anyone that there was a break in. A good wireless home security system monitors your house and can inform police officials immediately.

Another alternative may be employing the services of a guard dog. (A cheap employee that never complains) Unfortunately, a guard dog does not hold a burglar back. A burglar may still be able to out-smart the dog by intimidating it with a strong attitude, bribing it with food or even supplying the animal poison to kill and silence it once and for all. A quality wireless home security system is not a living creature that can be intimidated or silenced—it is a complete system of protection.

Instead of relying on a dated form of protection why not order a wireless home security system to protect the inside of your home completely and thoroughly? Napco’s Freedom64 is a wireless home security system that provides monitoring as well as smart motion sensors for full protection. Contact for more information on a wireless home security system.

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