Freedom64 Home Security System

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Home Surveillance Security System

Choose Freedom64 and you’ll get the best home security system on the market today. Freedom 64 comes with a host of special features that you won’t find in a cheap home security system, such as a talking keypad that auto-dims the backlight when nobody is near and a built-in siren that momentarily softens in volume as you approach to reset. Yet you’ll find that it is surprisingly affordable.

Our new Gemini P1664 provides the total coverage you need to safeguard your home and your family. Plus Gemini home security systems are designed to grow with you. Control the system from our intuitive touchpad, a keyfob or even from any touchtone phone anywhere in the world.

Your Gemini home security system offers these features and more:

  • Smart motion sensors of the Gemini home security system can tell the difference between your children, small pets and large and a dangerous intruder.
  • Supports panic buttons and smoke, carbon monoxide and glass break detectors.
  • Choose from an easily affordable basic system, to a complete home automation networked system with lighting and climate control
  • Integrates with iSee Video to provide Internet video surveillance at any PC or web-ready cell phone

And remember, each Gemini home security system comes with a second FREE talking keypad valued at $195.* So click below to get started right now.

* free second keypad in home, with professionally installed, monitored Freedom Security System.