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Help With a Home Security System

Do you really need a home security system? You may think that you live in a secure neighborhood and thus have no reason to fear burglary. On the other hand, you may believe that you have nothing of substantial value even if a burglary did occur. What do the facts say?

According to statistics compiled by the FBI and The National Home Security Council, there is a burglary committed every 12 seconds in just the United States alone. That converts to 86,000 burglary incidents every year. While it’s true that a home security system doesn’t guarantee that no burglaries occur, the odds say you are 2.7 times more likely to get robbed without a home security system. Is this because burglars are lazy by nature and will first choose a house that is unprotected by instinct? That’s one theory…but the fact of the matter is a good home security system always helps.

Of course, having a home security system is not the only way a homeowner can protect his or her valuables. Some people may choose to use guard dogs, or self-made home security systems as a deterrent to crime. How does a quality home security system measure up to other methods of protecting your house? An amateur or cheaper home security system (that can be bought in a store or made by your own hands) will usually sound an alarm and flash lights alerting the public to the robbery. The only problem with this scenario is that you have to contact the police on your own.

Why not instead use a monitored home security system for a low price? A Freedom64 home security system offers smart motion sensors, constant monitoring and a basic system that offers enhanced control and protection. For more information contact Napco’s website.

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