iSee Video Home Security System

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Home Security Surveillance System

Check-In on Fido at home with Napco’s
iSee Video surveillance solution

Check-in on your pets while you’re away, with Napco’s new iSee Video surveillance system. View your pets 24/7 and make sure they are not misbehaving or being mishandled by pet sitters while you are on the road, at the office or on vacation. Join the rising number of pet owners who rely on iSee Video to keep them in-touch with their animals.

Let iSee Video give you peace of mind. iSeeVideo works in sync with your alarm system for extra security and monitoring capabilities. Once an event triggers your alarm, iSeeVideo will immediately email you a message wherever you are as long as you are connected to the web. All that is required from you is a web-enabled PC, cell phone, blackberry, or PC.

Use iSee Video to:

  • Visually check food and water bowls. With multiple pets, spot which one is over-eating.
  • Make sure doors and gates are closed, and see how your pet might be getting through them.
  • Use motion sensing to receive notifications when pets enter prohibited rooms.
  • View outdoor as well as indoor pets.
  • Check on aquariums to ensure filters, heaters and pumps are still working
  • Keep an eye on thermostats or integrate with your security system to monitor room temperature for birds or other temperature sensitive pets
  • Keep an eye on how your children and pets are interacting. Spot aggressive behavior before it leads to injuries.
  • Discover how your pets are interacting with each other when you’re not around.
  • Spot the trouble-maker in the family!
  • Monitor whether your pet is sleeping too much while you’re away, often a sign of illness.

iSee Video allows you to keep an eye on pet-sitters to ensure pets are fed and walked. If you notice that an action is required, such as a pet in a prohibited room, on the bed, etc., you can immediately instruct your caretaker to take care of the problem.

When you’re are at work, iSee Video is smart enough to get through any corporate/MIS firewall. iSeeVideo is so simple that no computer is required at your home, only a cable or DSL modem. There is no software to load on your cellphone or computer.

Isn’t it time you enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you can check on your pets anytime, anywhere? With the iSee Video computer home security system that peace of mind can be yours now. Click here to get started and get 3 months – a $50 value – FREE.

Get iSEE Video and get 3 FREE months of monitoring.